LUCA School of Arts, Gent
Stef Cuypers
Sarah Eeckout
Valentijn Goethals
Tine Guns
Tomas Lootens
Sofie Nys
Sang Woo K. Vandenbosch
Dries Wiewauters
Dries Wiewauters

Specimen of plain & ornamental types
from the Foundry of V. & J. Figgins, 17 West Street Smithfield, London

Third revised specimen book and price list of printing material
Palmer & Rey, Firm, Type-founders, San Francisco

Tubbs wood type
Tubbs & Co., South Windham, Conn
Tine Guns

Cahier d'images n° 6
Hans Peter Feldmann
Céline Duval

Playback for a daydream
Kasia Korczak
Werkplaats Typografie

Michael Schmidt

Journey to the Surface of the Earth
Mark Boyle

Bilder Pictures
Hans-Peter Feldmann

Flash Art n° 46-47 June 1947
Flash Art, Milano
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